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Explore 16th Century Manila Aboard Victorian Carriages

Come on-board our Victorian carriages/caruaje and explore 16th century Intramuros, a 64-hectare Spanish Walled City in the heart of the historic city of Manila, Philippines and go further beyond to enjoy the tourist attractions of the Pearl of the Orient aboard our tramvias or motorized tramcars. Nostalgic recollection of Manila’s more than 400 years of colorful history is guaranteed.

Company Profile

The Castillan Carriage and Tour Services or simply Castillan Tours Manila is a tourism-oriented entity, Founded in 1989 by a culture loving Filipino, Mr. Geronimo C. “Ronnie” Sta Maria, From a simple hobby, he developed it to a business enterprise, re invented and was able to perfect his antique inspired Caruajes, replicating the Spanish period carriages with a aesthetic expression for leisure ride and tourist conveyance in today’s modern setting. Decidedly, it is dedicated to show case the rich Filipino cultural heritage and colorful history though round about tours of the five century old Walled City of Intramuros and Rizal Park, facilitated by English speaking tour guides and proficient “kutseros”.

Today, it operates a fleet of carriages and motorized version of Tramvias thus Tramcar, patronized by both young and local foreign tourist. It is a regular fare in Manila as a tourist destination. As such, the Castillan Carriage became a valuable partner of the government in tourism development thru Department of Tourism, the Intramuros Administration and the National Park Development Council which the company is affiliatly working with.

In fulfillment of its social commitment, it also caters to special events, wedding services and educational tours to help the young generation of Filipinos to rediscover Intramuros, the cradle of Filipino nation, for them to relate and envive their patriotic identity.

The Intramuros Administration

The Intramuros Administration (IA) is a national government agency created on April 10, 1979 under Presidential Decree 1616. It is tasked to restore the Walled City of Intramuros and develop it into a prime urban tourist destination. Formerly under the defunct Ministry of Human Settlements, it was attached to the Department of Tourism by virtue of Executive Order 120 dated January 30, 1987.  IA’s objective is to make this “city within a city” socially, economically and culturally viable while keeping pace with modernization. It is involved in restoration, urban renewal and income generation.

Today, IA makes the visit to the Walled City more enjoyable and educational. With 90% of its walls restored, Intramuros has become a busy cultural center for performing arts, exhibits, flea markets, book fairs, music and art contests and religious activities. The restored chambers of the gates have been converted into commercial establishments like food stalls and souvenir shops. Tourists can also visit antique and handicraft stores. For a nostalgic journey in touring the Walled City, IA has commissioned Castillan Carriage & Tour Services to operate Victorian horse-drawn carriages, Spanish caruajes, Philippine calesas and motorized tramcars or tranvias inside Intramuros.

With IA as its handmaiden, Intramuros relives within its imposing walls the dramatic moments of Philippine past.